Geoff Huston
Chief Scientist APNIC

This presentation looks at the adoption of RPKI Route validation through the lens of its effectiveness for users? The question behind the measurement is to look at the count of users who cannot reach a web object when the only available route is invalid according to Route Origination Validation filters. This presentation describes how the measurement has been constructed and shows some results for Mongolian ISPs. It also points to future work in this area.

Д. Өлзийтогтох
Network Dev Engineer at AWS

Will talk about 2 different subjects related to Network Operations

Network Deployment / Operations lifecycle
Automations around network operations

Э. Улсболд
Senior Engineer | Mobicom

Paper introduces AS55805(MobiCom Corporation) bgp community for customers,

Yoshinobu Matsuzaki
Senior Engineer | Internet Initiative Japan Inc

To have a reliable network, we need to continuously improve our operations. 'Risk prediction training' is a well-known methodology for minimizing risks. The use of failure/mistake cases allows for more effective risk analysis and countermeasures. So I encourage mnnog to work as a community to share and analyze the failures and mistakes.

Б. Нямханд
System Engineer | Mobicom

Introducing how I implemented dnssec

А. Гончиг
Manager of Network and System Planning Dept | Skytel

This talk will walk you through the RPKI/ROA journey that the Mongolian ICT community embarked on, and how we achieved 100% ROA coverage for all our routes announced in BGP

Panel chair : Д. Дамжинхүү
Senior Engineer | Gmobile

Mongolia is one of the countries which is successfully fighting Covid-19. But we had school quarantine, travel restrictions in place and some companies fully or partially implemented work-from-home mode for about half a year. It is interesting how Mongolian companies handled Covid-19 related network situations during this time. In this Panel, we will discuss about network situations and technical challenges faced by technology oriented sectors like ISPs, banks, mobile operators and education organizations during quarantine.
Panelists: С. Анар (Эрдэмнэт), Оюунболд (Үндэсний Дата төв), Мөнх-Оргил (Скаймедиа), Саруулбат (Хаан банк), Ариунболд (Жемнэт)